Whats the best way to get from A to B.

Transportation can be a difficult thing to arrange. Especially nowadays as there are so many viable options depending on your budget, what you’re sending, and where you’re sending it.

If you’re moving yourself or other people, do you fly, drive, train, bus or boat?

If its a car, do you ferry it to its destination, send it on the rail system, or on the back of an interstate truck?

If its an item/items, do you post, courier, send it through a freight company or hire a removalist?


It really can be difficult to figure out exactly the correct answer every single time. There are however a number of questions that can be applicable to all scenarios, but offer valuable information to determine what method you’re going to use.

The primary factors that determine which method people are going to use are time and cost.

There are always faster methods, which will cost more because of the speed that they run. The convenience of getting the job done quicker for you often comes at a price.

You need to find a happy medium between sending it as quickly as possible, and not overdoing it on your budget to it moved quicker, unless its drastically urgent that it arrives, but want it they’re quickly, go for the middle of the pack, which will usually be a similar position on both the price and speed ladder. If time is no issue, then send it the cheapest way possible, which may mean that it takes a little longer than the rest, but since it isn’t urgent, then save yourself a little bit and send it slow.


So once you’ve sorted out how you want to send it, you then have to battle through the internet to figure out who you want to send it in that manner.

There are always numerous people providing every time of transportation option online. Simply looking up car transport across Australia will bring up dozens of companies wanting to transport your car for you.

The question is, how do you break them apart?


Start by looking through reviews, if people have posted a bunch of negative feedback on their website, chances are you’ll have a similar experience with them. I’m not saying that you have to find a company that has 0 bad feedback, because we all know keeping everyone happy all the time is impossible, but if you pick someone who has 100% negative feedback on their service, you can’t expect them move your goods totally issue free.


Once you’ve sifted through a few reviews, you’ve probably knocked a few companies off your list because for whatever reason you didn’t like what they had on their review page.

Then speak to them and see if any of them offer you something a little different from the rest, to use car transport as an example again, perhaps one company provides a full clean of your car once it hits its destination? After going all that way its probably dirty, at least on the outside, so a cleaning service might be something to swing you their way. That’s ultimately what you’re looking for.

If none of them really have their own personal touch, then resort back the the time/cost system I mentioned earlier. This way you’ll find a company with a reliable service, who does it in a desirable time, at a cost that you are happy to pay. What more can you need?

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